Thursday, February 19, 2009

U.S. Mint Calling....

Delaware Governor Jack Markell got a phone call not too long ago asking him to select one favorite and three alternate Delaware national sites to be the bottom face of the new State quarter. In 2010, the Mind will begin releasing five new quarter designs annually based on the order in which the states gained federal that makes us first!

So how kind of Jack to ask us, Delaware citizens, "what should be on the quarter?" From now until February 26th, anyone can vote on a site for the quarter. This is an interesting question to ponder, and an important one....we definitely want to put our best asset on there to impress that man in Arkansas who just got change back for his cup of coffee.....he might just consider a trip to Rehoboth one day. Personally, the Charcoal Pit on 202 would be my first pick (kidding!), but your vote must be a national landmark (meaning it must appear on the National Register of Historic Places and National and Wildlife Refuges)

If you are scratching your head and might not want to look up the sites, the Division of Cultural and Historic Affairs has given us a list of possibilities based on their local and national significance. However, you can still nominate a different one of your choice. See below.

Old State House
John Dickinson Mansion
Fort Christina
Howard High School
Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church
New Castle Court House
New Castle Historic District
Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge
Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge

I'm torn between Old State House and Bombay Hook. The Old State House is so significant to our history, but Bombay hook makes for a pretty quarter doesn't it?
Vote here today. You can vote until 5:00 p.m. on February 26th and can as often as you like!

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