Monday, August 10, 2009

Shedding A New Concept

Many people probably have the same picture in mind when they think of an art gallery. White walls, hardwood floors, wide open spaces. Focus on the art not on the place right? Well over in Berlin, Germany, the largest city in the country has just opened the smallest gallery in the country. And what better to call this 1.5 square meter sized gallery but The Smallery.

The Smallery is a small, purpose-built garden shed that manages to fit 24 pieces of art in its space. All of the pieces are small, like the space. The concept of The Smallery comes from PULK Berlin, a creative network team of professionals working on advertising, design, architecture and more. The Smallery's first exhibition opened this past Saturday, featuring pieces by internationally successful illustrators from NY, Toronto, L.A., Barcelona, Hamburg, Munich, Vegby, Sweden, and Berlin (obvi). The Smallery is sitting on one of the last empty pieces of land in the city.

If you don't plan on visiting Berlin this month, you can still get your hands on one of the pieces being shown. All pieces are going to be reproduced in 50 high-quality prints and available for a great deal of 30 Euro (X1.4 =$42 USD).

I firmly believe the Euros get it right everytime. Take out the overhead of a large space and make it pint size and intimate. The idea of the Smallery makes me want to clear the Miracle Grow out of my backyard shed and throw an art party. Granted your max capacity is going to be small, and might cause some long lines if the Smallery turns out to be popular (which I have every belief it will be), the best clubs are always hard to get into, right?


Anonymous said...


LACDA - Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
107 West 5th Street, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Digital Art Expo International In Downtown Los Angeles

August 13 - 15, 2009
Opening Reception: Thursday August 13, 7-9pm

Is a Plexiglas box just a shape?
"Is a Plexiglas box just a shape?
Doesn't it become content when we introduce ashes in it?”
Chen Zhen, 1990
In allusion to his work Le Poids/Le Vide, 1990

The Anthropophagic Davis Lisboa Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona is an 20 centimeter cube, a ballot box made of transparent Plexiglas. It is an object that contains processes in which it participates, dissolving its recipient nature in a game of proposals and counterproposals suggested by this element, the “ballot box.”
Davis Museum Barcelona enjoys the neutrality of the ready made object and its qualitative leap beyond Dualism and Symbolism. It creates a new space, a museum with a collection and visitors, whose central component is the presence of nonstop action. Therefore Davis Museum acts as a new device for experimentation, a place where the visitor enters and donated works of art are exhibited, creating a game of feedback; a collective action that uses all available resources, physical and virtual.
The exhibition of Davis Museum Barcelona at LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art) is an unprecedented opportunity to discover a collection of the works of fourteen international artists including María Cañas, Chen Ping, PSJM; a chance to experience up-close this process that adds a new dimension to the notion of format. A mini-museum that gobbles up past and contemporary proposals and begins a new movement by assuming these sources and absorbing them, escaping the tempting dialectic of art history by allowing the potential of a transparent ballot box let new intuitions be born.

Irene Pomar,
Paris, July 2009

Digital Art.LA Participants Include:

UCR | California Museum of Photography · Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art (Danzig, Poland) · Davis Museum (Barcelona) · Downtown Film Festival - Los Angeles · Downtown Art Walk Los Angeles · Grammy Museum · Rowan Gallery · Julie Rico Gallery · Niche.LA Video Art · Deborah Martin Gallery · Phyllis Stein Gallery · Pharmaka Gallery · Todd Browning Gallery· El Nopal Press Gallery · Annex Gallery · Artillery Magazine · Coagula Art Journal · Citizen L.A. · · compactspace · Phyllis Stein Art · Edgar Varela Fine Arts · Rita Gonzalez, LACMA

Davis Museum's Artists:

Hadeel A. Dhaher, Debora Alana, Mauro Alberti, Phylis Alter, María Cañas, Alicia Cayuela, Malules Fernández, Simone Gad, Davis Lisboa, Colleen Mulligan, Gê Orthof, Chen Ping, PSJM and Alfonso Siracusa.

Anonymous said...

Un amigo me envío un artículo que vosotros han publicado hoy en la red:

Allí dice: "... una de las más reducidas del mundo".

No es cierto.

Resulta que yo abrí mi DAVIS MUSEUM en el 1 de enero de 2009, es decir, antes que la Smallery y que tiene un espacio más reducido todavía: 20 x 20 x 20 cm.

Me gustaría saber si vosotros podrían rectificar el artículo y informar a la gente que ya existía en España,
un mini espacio dedicado a las artes visuales que se llama DAVIS MUSEUM y que ha sido inagurado el día 1 de enero de 2009,

¿Qué pasa con los proyectos artísticos que se hacen en España?

¿No tienen divulgación?

A los alemanes se les da divulgación..¿y a los espacios artísticos en España?

Os sugiero que hagan una entrevista sobre DAVIS MUSEUM y que conste que hay un espacio de arte en España “más reducido” que la Smallery y que ha sido inaugurado ocho meses antes.

Por favor, aguardo vuestra respuesta.

Aquí tenéis toda la información:

Davis Lisboa

Davis Museum:

Davis Museum in YouTube"

Davis Museum / Facebook:"

PS: Por cierto, os envío la exposición de DAVIS MUSEUM que se inaugura el día 13 de agosto en el LACDA,
Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts