Friday, July 11, 2008

Blogging By Biggs

It has been a long time coming, but we're here! After months of blood, sweat, and typing has finally come together and we are up and running. My name is Sarah DiMondi, the Marketing Coordinator at the Biggs Museum. I hope that you have enjoyed our new site thus far (it is my pride and joy) and that you can use as reliable and constant source for current happening at the Biggs.
However, to tell you the truth, the site is besides the point right now. This is all about the Biggs new blog.... because "it's a "biggs" deal" to us. A year back, this blog wasn't even a twinkle in our eyes, not even an idea or priority. That was, until my fellow Biggs staff and I attended the Arts Summit last October 2007. After only a month at the Biggs, and no prior art or museum experience or knowledge, I was thrilled at the opportunity to listen to lectures led by top professionals in the industry and meet other people throughout DE associated with non-profit and art organizations. Prior to the summit the Biggs staff had agreed that our web-site needed to be re-designed, therefore a lecture led by Chad Bauman from Arena Stage on technology seemed a good fit. Bottom line: you're either blogging or you're not with the times.
So this leads me to this afternoon, a fresh canvas with plenty of ideas. What will the Biggs blog entail you ask? Alot actually. And don't worry I won't bore you with just Biggs news, I'll keep it interesting. There are two worlds the Biggs Museum exists in, the non-profit world and the art-world. From "Non-profit of the Week" and "Best Bet This Weekend" to local exhibition and attraction reviews by Biggs staff, there will be lots to read and enjoy. I hope you decide to check back again and again.

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