Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Non-Profit of the Week: CommonThreadz

When you combine an opportunity to buy limited-edition artist designed t-shirts to help support a cause that also supports other causes simultaneously, you get
Commonthreadz works to provide orphans and vulnerable children in developing countries with school uniforms. Why school uniforms? Instead of food, medicine, shelter or education? Millions of these children have never been able to step foot in a school either because they cannot afford a uniform or they will have the stigma of AIDS if they do not acquire one. A uniform can mean social acceptance and an education: the key to survival and adult employment. As you can read on their site, Commonthreadz creates individual strength in the children instead of dependency which can often happen when charities provide the poor with necessities.
A modeled t-shirt developing social awareness for Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Although Commonthreadz utilizes traditional fundraising tactics by accept donations and acquires sponsorship, they created a unique way to provide a school uniform for an orphan. Commonthreadz commissioned talented artists from all over the world (I'm talking Hong Kong, Mexico, Vancouver, and beyond here.) to design limited edition t-shirts. Each t-shirt design is an interpretation of a social issue to build awareness for other charities that Commonthreadz supports like Habitat for Humanity and the National Breast Cancer Foundation. So therefore, when you visit you can:

  1. Purchase a super soft, cool t-shirt that most likely no-one else will have.

  2. Provide an orphan with a school uniform. Therefore providing this child with an education.

  3. Raise awareness and funding for other non-profits in the country.

  4. Pat your back for helping save the world today.

My suggestion is buy your t-shirt today.

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