Friday, August 1, 2008

Best Bet for a Delaware Weekend: Sandcastles and Peaches

Don't even think about kicking back at the pool this weekend because there is WAY too much happening in Delaware you'd miss out on. I could barely finish reading the events calendar over cereal this morning because there were so many items on the itinerary. Whichever county you're in, there's a treat for you. Starting with Kent.......

Wyoming Peach Festival: Wyoming, DE
"Millions of peaches, peaches for me, millions of peaches, peaches for free".... Presidents of the United States of America, circa 1996 (Remember that song?!) Well it's fitting for this festival. Grab everyone and head down to little sleeper town Wyoming for some fuzzies and a good time. A 9a.m. parade kicks off the festival, followed by a lineup of live performances, including the Dover High school Drum line and the Trilby String Band of the Philly mummer's parade. The peach theme carries out the day with the peach dessert contest, the crowning of the peach princess and queen, and Fifer Orchard's peach ice cream giveaway! Even if you don't care for peaches (my grandma gets the heebie jeebies just looking at them), there are plenty of vendors, crafts and food for everyone. For more info visit

30th Annual Sandcastle Contest: Rehoboth Beach, DE
Movin on down to the beach (where i'll be trying out the new sushi restaurant, Stingray) the Rehoboth Sandcastle Contest starts tomorrow at 9a.m. sharp on the north end near the Henlopen Hotel (weather permitting). So have an early breakfast at King's on Wilmington Street (the italian bread french toast is to die for) and spend the rest of your morning watching some marvelous sandcastles being built. In addition to the normal categories of sandcastle, animal and free form, to celebrate the 30th bday participants can create sandcastle cakes! It would taste a bit salty though don't you think?

Youth One-Act Festival: Wilmington, DE
$10 for a movie is a drag. Live entertainment for free is awesome. The Wilmington Drama League is hosting an all-day free festival tomorrow to kick off its 76th season. Drop in for a few on-act plays of all styles directed by over 100 young actors. The fest is at 10 W. Lea Blvd. For more info go to

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