Monday, August 11, 2008

Post-its: A Bright Medium

Post-it notes are a staple on my desk. From the small sized neon yellow ones used for tabbing articles, medium sized for phone messages, to the large sized (lined!) ones for making my grocery list, they're everywhere! I've even been known to use one as a coaster, talk about multi-purpose. The extent of my post-it display can be interpreted as one thing: a mess. However, post-it notes have recently become a new medium of art work and the outcomes are, well, they're pretty bright.

I'm thinking in terms of aligning post-it notes art to another method it would have to be mosaic. Check out David Alvarez's portrait of Ray Charles, made out of 2000 colored post-it notes. He spent over three months constructing the mosaic. A couple of weeks ago Mad Silence blog ( recently wrote an entry on Post-it Notes art. Artists have gone so far as to cover their bedroom and cars with post-it notes.

There have been some strong opinions that post-it note art (and other strange medium use) are just a ploy to market yourself as an artists, as the media is always looking for an outrageous story to capture the viewer's or reader's attention. It also is a huge marketing boost for 3M. Can someone really become passionate about post-it? But who's to say post-its can't be art? Andy Warhol would answer this best with one of his famous quotes, "Art is what you can get away with." Regardless, I think it's fun.

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