Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hello Sleepy Head

I tend to have a soft side for simplistic art. Somewhere between the Silver Study center at the museum and all those antique clocks and chairs lying around (kidding!), the very last gallery holds a pop art piece that i just love. There's nothing to know, nothing to learn, you see it, you get it, you might wonder about the subject a bit, and you feel a bit warmer inside. This is how i feel about The Sleepyheads, a line of work created by Brooklyn Graphic Artist, Christopher David Ryan.

Christopher claims to be a daydreamer and began to find inspiration while he was in the act of doing so. All around him, he took notice of the daydreamers around him, on the subway, streets, sidewalks, and in restaurants. What resulted in this combo of daydreaming and observing was a book; "Sleepyheads, Portraits of Daydreamers", a 64 page book of simple drawings depicting daydreamers encountered on NYC's "L" train, between the Bedford and Union Square stops, during the early months of 2006. The book is charming and is a tribute to daydreamers everywhere, inviting you to share in the daydreaming.

Daydreaming is something we all do and can relate to. You can currently purchase the book, prints of the sleepy heads and even pillows to rest your own sleepy head on! Although, most of the prints are currently sold out, you can contact Christopher for availability. Click around on and dream on.

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