Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Google Doodle World

If you asked me what my top interests were, one of them would be Google. Google, to me, is my Internet Butler (without the hefty salary to pay). Google answers my questions, hosts my email account, give me directions to my weekend getaway destinations, finds me images to use on the Biggs Blogs, finds phone numbers and addresses. Google is my go-to and completely reliable 24/7. So I was recently pleased with the launch of igoogle, a google home page that you can customize for all your personal, daily google needs. When I launch my browser, I have the google bar ready for my searches, the weather forecast for Dover, top CNN headlines, a quote of the day (everyone needs inspiration) and my to-do list. The possibilities are endless.... Joke of the Day from Comedy Central, Photo of the Day from National Geographic, Games and Puzzles (might now be the best for the office computer!).... now before you think I've stepped off track and It's a Biggs Deal has become a Computer News Today blog, the subject of art does come in.

Since we're all art lovers here, you can make your igoogle all the more "artful". Last spring, Google promoted the option to customize your igoogle even more by launching the iGoogle Artist Themes in collaboration with many designers/artists to create themes to personalize your Google homepage. From the Google Blog "Now you can put the work of world-class artists and innovators on your personalized Google homepage." Google added a gallery of iGoogle themes dedicated to fashion designers (Oscar de la Renta), musicians (Coldplay, Beastie Boys), actors (Jackie Chan), sportsmen (Lance Armstrong), photographers (Yann Arthus-Bertrand), choreographers (Mark Morris), cartoonists (Robert Mankoff), illustrators (Camilla Engman), architects (Cameron Sinclair) and more.
A Jeff Koons Artist theme for google.

My current artist theme is by Austrailian contemporary fashion designer, Akira Isogawa . And it sure makes my desktop look pretty. In addition to your artist theme, you can also add "Artist of the Day" to your igoogle, giving you free, daily art news/education. Visit and have the hottest desktop in the office.

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