Thursday, August 7, 2008

Some Big Building in Beijing

We've all been counting the minutes until the opening ceremony and when Michael Phelps beats Mark Spitz's gold medal record, but if you paid any attention to the background of all these news reports, have you taken a slight look at where Mr. Phelps' will be swimming? Or where the opening ceremonies are taking place? If you haven't, get googl'ing or pick up a Time issue and be wow'd.

The constructed sports complexes for Beijing are forward thinking, energetic and leaving old-China in the dust. The Chinese built these complexes in hope of making a statement reflective of their global ambitions. Olympic officials commissioned 12 buildings for the Beijing games, but since this is not a term papers, I'll just tell you about my two favorites. Starting off with the National Stadium, also known as the Birds Nest. And trust me, you'll see where they got the nickname from.

The Bird's Nest is a dexterously woven steel lattice with a bright red concrete shell underneath.

Prominent Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, collaborated with Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron to design the Bird's Nest. The nest design is meant to symbolize a cradle that holds the hopes of humankind for the future. Cool, huh?

Not too far away is the stunning National Aquatics Centre known as the Water Cube. The exterior of the big pool place was made to appear like gentle bubbles, evoking a feeling of being underwater.

It's interesting to see how the Olympics provide the host countries with opportunities to
strut their stuff" to the world. Anyone would agree, China is really putting their best foot forward. But anyways.......GO USA!

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