Tuesday, September 23, 2008

21 Years of Red and White Stripe Spotting

Does the thought of spotting a friendly face in a knit cap and a red and white striped shirt on his world-wide hike bring back nostalgic memories? If you're unfamiliar at to who I'm referring to, it's Waldo! And this past Sunday, he celebrated his 21st birthday.

So does this mean that in any future editions to the existing 7 books translated in over 26 languages, Waldo will be carrying a beer can with his walking stick and binoculars? Of course not. But it does mark the start of a brand new
Where's Waldo web-site commemorating his 21 years of travel. The new site is an excellent visit for any Waldo fan. There, you can purchase books, play on-line photo hunt games, learn more about Waldo history in the Waldo-pedia, link to Waldo's on-line networking sites, read Waldo news and sitings in the real world and also visit Let's Go blog for travel tips for your own journeys. After a few rounds of photo hunt, I was glad to see Waldo finding was just like riding a bicycle, it all comes back.

So to send you off on your walk down memory lane, here are a couple of Did you know? facts about Waldo.
-Waldo was conceived in 1987 by a freelance illustrator that specialized in crowd scenes. He was commissioned to create a children's book of crowd scenes and Waldo provided the link and central theme for the book.
- Where's Waldo ranks#88 on the "100 Most Frequently Banned Books" and was banned from many libraries in the 80s due to an exposed breast on a beach crowd scene illustration. In 1997 the breast was covered in a new special edition re-release.
- Waldo was originally named Wally, a British slang term for a spacey person.

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