Monday, September 8, 2008

Dirty Car? Dust it up with Art!

My father used to own a concrete business when I was younger. If any of you have ever stepped foot on a concrete plant you'd probably picture the same thing.... dust. It's everywhere, on the ground, in the buildings and in the air. Due to the massive amounts of dust at the concrete plant, Dad's rear window of his Suburban(actually the entire vehicle) provided an excellent palette for brother, sister and I to draw pictures and messages. I specialized in heart and star shapes while my sister mastered the smiley face. Where am I going with this? Well, other than myself and other amateur car artists, there's a man out there that is a professional Car Artist. And his name is Scott Wade. And he can do a whole lot more than a smiley face.

Scott Wade uses a long dirt road that he uses as his road-base. It consists of limestone dust, gravel and clay. These materials create a fine white dust over the car that he uses as his artwork. Most of his art is done on his MINI Cooper. In addition to his fingers, Wade also uses more traditional tools like brushes as well as unconventional ones like Popsicle sticks to create his inspired dust art. I think this definitely takes "Wash Me" to a whole other level.

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