Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Art Makes You Jump For Joy!!

A constant struggle for Marketing Peoples in Art Museums today (ahem... me.... cough) is communicating to the public that art museums are for everyone... and are, actually, FUN! No need to point fingers as to where the idea came from that art museums are stuffy, boring and for intellectual types, but I will gladly publicize any efforts to promote the "fun-ness" of art and museums. Fresh off of a great labor day weekend, and revved up for a busy fall at the Biggs, I smiled wide at my desktop screen when I clicked on a blog entitled "Jumping in Art Museums." http://jumpinginartmuseums.blogspot.com/

Basically, the blog displays pictures of people jumping in art museums. This concept is simple and as Linda Danko would say, "awesome!" The composer of this blog is Allison Reimus, an American University student hailing from Washington D.C. She claims that when visiting art museums, she is sometimes so excited by what she sees she has to jump for joy. From there, the blog was started and fellow "art jumpers" followed suit, contributing their photos of their "art jumping" experiences. Anyone can submit their art jumping photos for a chance to be posted on the blog.

Now, the important question at hand is, who is going to jump in the Biggs? I could perhaps tackle Ryan to jump for joy in the Silver Study Center or grab Linda (she just loves the Bride of Abydos). Or perhaps our next Biggs Kids group could jump for joy in the programs gallery. Either way, there's a lot to jump for at the Biggs Museum and this web-site is a welcome encouragement to all to express their enthusiasm for art.

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Allison Reimus said...

hey, thanks for the shout out! i'd love to get some submissions from you guys :) happy art jumping!