Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Colorful Kind of MySpace

Purple has always been my favorite color. Purple was the first and only color I ever mixed in art class during the primary colors lesson. Just mix the red and blue paint and voila, purple. Add a dash of white for some lavender and you've got yourself a 5 year old girl's dream bedroom wall paint. If you've ever delighted in color mixing, enjoyed paint shopping at Home Depot or just plain like your world filled with color, you're going to love the website: Colour Lovers
Colour Lovers is a networking and creative site for all color lovers and users that monitors and influences color trends. The site caters to design professionals but all color lovers have been joining for fun. You can begin by browsing through different swatches, patterns and palettes created by fellow users for inspiration for your own projects (the living room is screaming for a fresh coat and your 10 year olds' Book Report Cover needs revamping) and then go ahead and start color matching on your own. Join a group or a discussion and make friends with others who have similar tastes (I'm currently on a search for the other purple lovers...)
And did I mention there's a blog to go with? Yes, the blog section of Colour Lovers is a great way to keep up with color news and how color palettes are extracted from everyday life. Case in point, in light of the current economic downturn, a entry was most recently posted about Color Palettes in an Economic Downturn. and different colors of camo. My thoughts on all of this? Mono chromatics better beware.

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