Sunday, October 19, 2008

Go before they're gone! Treehouses

I FINALLY saw the treehouses! I'm sure you can sense my excitement over them. On display since early March at Longwood Gardens, with fantastic reviews, I've been meaning to get myself up to Kennett Square to see them. On my way home from Baltimore early Saturday morning I couldn't not take advantage of the beautiful fall day and made an impromptu phone call to my Grandparents asking them to join me. Two hours later, scarf and map in tow, I was on my way around the small lake and approaching the first of three treehouses, the Canopy Cathedral. And let me tell you, it was an impressive set of digs.

The Canopy Cathedral (along with the Birdhouse) was designed and constructed by Seattle-based TreeHouse Workshop. Now of course, in-line with Pierce DuPont's mission to preserve the green life on Longwood Gardens, the tree houses were built as to never harm the trees, but to be harmonic with them. Called a Pin Foundation, the treehouse is anchored to a series of long pipes driven into the ground, leaving the trees limbs and roots unscathed. The other two tree houses, the Lookout Loft and the Bird House are just as impressive (a million dollar price tag and four months to construct would further explain), but I won't spoil the surprise with too many photos! I took my time to awe, as did the many other families, adult and children of all types did that afternoon. Whether tree houses are an adventure, a dream of your own or simply nostalgic, they are a must see, and you're lucky if you haven't because they'll be on display until November 23rd.

Normally I visit Longwood come Christmas time as do many, but there is much so see during Autumn. The children's garden recently reopened with a spanking new look and a water theme. And to my pleasant surprise the Lilypads were still out, possibly due to an Indian Summer?
Hungry? You can't go wrong in the Longwood neighborhood. If you're going back to Wilmington, Pizza By Elizabeth's is the way to go, or Buckley's Tavern. However, I was in route through Kennett Square and Hockessin, and had a late lunch at the The Back Burner. And I've got 2 words for your Pumpkin Bisque.

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