Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Power of the Blog: Blog Action Day 2008:Poverty

ou already know what a blog is. If not, you're very very lost in Internet space (word of advice, go back to google). Today, there is an immense community of writers of all kinds typing away daily to entertain, educate and inspire millions of reader on just about any topic under the sun.

When I heard about Blog Action Day, I'm sure you can imagine how thrilled I was to join an initiative with fellow bloggers around the world. Considering blogs are a type of media outlet, they can be a powerful message outlet. Blog Action Day was created as an annual nonprofit event that unites bloggers to post about the same issue on the same day to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion. Hence to say I signed up as it makes a great topic for this week's Non-Profit of the Week entry!
The topic of discussion this year is Poverty. Talk about general. I've been thinking this through all day as to what to discuss (all the while dropping off a bulk mail, finalizing Gala Sponsorship levels and completing the Edward Grant invites) and I kept thinking, Poverty is an issue drilled into our head, "Poverty is bad, we must solve." But has anyone really gone in to further thought of the roots of this crusade to end poverty?

This question sent me right back to Holy Cross Elementary School, circa 1991 in theology class. We were learning about the 3 necessities of life. My dearest teacher Mrs. B told us that everyone in this world deserves food, clothing and shelter; meaning a full belly, clothes on your back, and a roof over your head. Anything else is an added plus that we don't necessarily need. Jumping right back to 2008, i define poverty as the exact opposite: those without food, clothing and shelter. Put those two together and you have inequality. By fighting to end poverty in every way around the world we are working towards equality between every person on this earth.

As one of the biggest issues facing the world, right up next to war, it's going to take alot to solve it. So where do we start? Can one person make a change? Of course you can. And you don't have to empty your pockets on every city street corner to help either.

You can start by making a food donation to your local food pantry. Thanksgiving is just around the corner so make sure every family has stuffing and cranberry sauce to eat.
Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity one Saturday afternoon. You'll literally be building the roof for someone else.
Or go on-line. I just discovered a great site called
Save the World With Music. There you can answer music trivia questions and every time you answer a question correctly, we give a donation which is enough to provide one person with clean water for one day.
There are an infinite amount of possibilities out there for you, you just have to find one.

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