Monday, January 12, 2009

Bravo! Millions say bonjour to Louvre.

I'm just digging for some good news in the museum world and I think I've just hit g0ld.

The Musée du Louvre in Paris set a new attendance record in 2008 with a stunning 8.5 million visitors. Anyone who has ever visited the Louvre can say that it doesn't take these numbers to agree that this museum is a must see for all art lovers and travelers throughout the world. With over 35, 000 works of art, each trip to the Louvre can be completely different. I've only been twice, and I don't think I've even strolled through half of the galleries. Although the Mona Lisa was as impressive as I expected, its only a starting point to the breathtaking collection that is in the Louvre.

What is even more impressive than the increase of about 200,000 visitors from 2007 is that the largest group entering the museum (40%) are 25 years and younger. This is quite surprising as many museums struggle to attract the younger set to visit. So what is the Louvre doing right? Having the Mona Lisa doesn't hurt, does it?

Bravo Louvre!

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