Monday, January 26, 2009

I love you more than an US Weekly Magazine on Dewey Beach in June.

It's only January 26th, and my intern (also known as my sister) is itching to hang hearts in my office window. However I just don't feel ready to break out the Hershey kisses and Valentine's Day cards until Feb. 1st. (I did buy my conversational hearts already though!)

For those of you that have already mapped out your romantic activities for Feb 14th, here's a treat. The ladies from Paperwhite Studio have launched a project titled I Love You More than Blank. Laureen and Yuliya want to break away from the cliche Valentine sayings (Be Mine is so last year), and start a collection of real things people use to measure their love. In other words, what would you put second for love. As you can see by my title, it's an US Weekly Magazine on a beautiful June day in Dewey Beach. You can't beat the gossip, the waves or the tan you'll soon have. But in the name of love, Dewey would have to wait. So what would you give up for love? They're dying to know so email them at and your declaration might be posted the following day.

Enjoy these warm fuzzies. I sure have. Here are some of my favorites.

I love you more than mid century furniture.

I love you more than I thought I loved the drummer.

I love you more than I love my pillow (just don't drool on it.)

I love you more than putting baby in a corner.

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