Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Non-Profit (or Doing) of the Week: Holey Mole! The Ink is Gone!

The only way to explain my relationship with our office printer is, "Can't live with him, can't live without him." If I ever were to attempt to divorce myself from this machine, it would erupt with a Heather Mills/Paul McCartney court case involving dozens of transcripts describing the damages to my level of stress. Even when I try to perform the required maintenance and change the ink drums, it still manages to spit back at me and cover my clothes with neon brite colored powder ( I looked as though Rainbow Brite had attacked me that day, neon green is not my color).

So how do I improve my relationship with this machine I need so much to exist (marketing means promotion means materials means paper means printing) that is not only expensive (paper and ink costs) but also stressful (I'm currently waiting with baited breath for my IT guy to show up). I download EcoFont of course, to save some mula on our ink costs. So what do fonts have to do with saving ink, you ask? Everything. It's not just those 4X6 color photo prints of Uncle Moe's Christmas party that are draining your cartridge. Ecofont is a brand new font designed by Spranq, a group of Dutch researchers who have done boat loads of testings trying to figure out how much of the letters we can remove for it to still be legible.

Why did Spranq spend so much time on creating a new font with holes making it look similar to Swiss cheese? Well, in addition to printers wasting papers, it's also wasting printer cartridges that are likely to end up in landfills. I'm sure you can agree that printer cartridges are not biodegradable like a banana peel. Hence to say, we're hurting the environment. EcoFont users will use 20percent less ink by removing as much of each letter as they can while still being able to read it.

So if your new resolution was to be more kind to the earth, this is a great jump-off, then go sign up for the curbside recycling.

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xonk said...

If they could just figure out a way to print on holy paper (well, the Vatican does but that's with a capital H) and line up the dots we might save a few trees in the process.