Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do you see what i see?

Now I've been to many cities in my short lifetime just short of 25 years, but I don't think I've ever seen people white water rafting down a sidewalk approaching an evil-eyed alligator (or crocodile, depending on your preference). But I can wipe my forehead in relief that this is the work of whom many call the Pavement Picasso, and his name is Julian Beever. Julian hails from the U.K. and has become famous for his anamorphic art. He can take his 100% flat images and turn them into 3-D effects by the art of morphing. As a result, looking at these anamorphic images from the correct angle seems to defy the laws of perception.Although Julian has a technical day job creating murals for companies, he is a freelancer when it comes to chalking. I used to use the chalk on the black top at Holy Cross elementary, but my art only went as far as the outline of boxes for hop scotch.

How did this pseduo-street performer get his start? After art school Julian supported himself by making 2-dimensional drawings for passerbys for pennies to get by. With trial and error he eventually was able to move to 3-dimensional, with the help of the camera.

An interesting article on him was written on him by CBS last March. Julian is definitely one of these internet-sensation artists out there, and he agrees that the Internet serves as his gallery, "That's my medium, really. If it wasn't for the Internet, my work would be totally unknown."

I sure enjoyed the work from afar in Internet-netherland courtesty of a forwarded e-mail, some of them can be worth scrolling down for after all.

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