Friday, January 23, 2009

In The News: Please Touch Museum Makes Big Acquisition

We all remember the 1988 movie Big. I think that is when Tom Hanks won over most of our hearts in the 80s (until he did Castaway and The Terminal, just kidding!) If you've seen Big, you'll never forget the scene when Hanks, a 12-year-old magically transformed into an adult, and Robert Loggia, his boss at a toy company, jump on the giant piano and play tunes including "Chopsticks" in the toy store. Even today, if i catch Big playing on a Sunday afternoon on TBS, I'm hoping I catch that scene of Hanks almost doing a split.

Although Hanks is the star of the movie, the 16-foot piano takes the Chopsticks scene. After the movie wrapped filming, the "walking piano" (made by Remo Saraceni in Philadelphia was purchased by a couple in suburban Merion. Either the couple are in need of some serious room in their home or are just feeling some leftover Christmas spirit, because they have just given the walking piano to the Philadelphia Please Touch Museum. Please Touch is obviously thrilled.... Museum President Nancy Kolb states, "I am thrilled to add this icon of the big screen to our collection. The movie as a whole and the piano scene in particular captures the innocence and enthusiasm of childhood. Much like a children’s museum, it is about the joys of childhood and how, as we grow older, we play less but we never completely lose that desire to be a kid again.”

The piano will be on display starting in February. There's no word yet as to if we'll be able to jump up on and step out a tune. But it is the Please Touch Museum, so keep your toes crosses. In the meantime, enjoy the scene below, it's Friday.

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