Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chanel A'head' of Fashion with Origami

I'd give any to escape the slush that is the state of Delaware today. January is almost over but we've still got February to go (even with only 28 days). Where would I go to escape this dreariness you ask? To Paris of course, for the haute couture Fall 2009 fashion shows with a seat next to Anna Wintour.
But I'll put my vacay dreams on the shelf and stay glued to the blogs and runway reports. Now before you think I'm about to give you the top ten trends for next fall, hold your horses...this is an art blog, all must be relative. While I consider fashion art, I think a majority of it isn't. But what I just witnessed in photos of Karl Lagerfield's Chanel Fall 2009 show is a perfect example of what makes so many rush to sit in a heated tent in the middle of paris to watch models strut down a catwalk in clothing the same way art lovers travel far and wide to see beautiful works of art.

Karl Lagerfeld has a new muse: 40-year-old Japanese hairstylist, Katsuya Kamo. Kamo was responsible for the ornate headdresses on the model's pretty heads at this season's Chanel Couture show. With three weeks, seven helpers and two packets of 11X17 white paper, Kano created these origami pieces. So where's the motive for using such a simple material in a couture show? I think Karl explained himself clearly while commenting on the recession in France. “The whole crisis is like a big spring housecleaning -- both moral and physical,” the designer said, adding, “Bling is over. Red carpet covered with rhinestones is out. I call it ‘the new modesty’.”
He certainly meant it when he said new modesty. From the degrading of the venue to the simple white designs, you could see the restraint on Karl's part. I hate to be cliche, but I must say these headdresses are "a work of art." I think the word for it that's becoming popular is "upcycling": meaning to take recyclable items and create something even more valuable than what the material was before. They're over the top, but are they really if they're made out of paper? All I'm thinking is if Karl wouldn't mind sending me one to wear at Artful Dining next Friday....I have nothing to wear.


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