Friday, January 9, 2009

Thomas Campbell Takes It to YouTube

He may not grace the Star Spotting pages of the weekly celebrity rags, but he certainly is Page-Six worthy. Thomas Campbell has officially begun his new role as Director of the MET this month. As a curator with a specialty in European tapestry working for the MET since 1995, Campbell is well-bred for Directorship. And his first act of duty, address the public. Now I'm sure everyone on the MET's mailing list received a formal letter from the Director, but there are world-wide fans of the MET wanting to know what Campbell has up his sleeve. So what better way to speak to all MET fans than to go on YouTube!

The video is short and sweet at a minute.5 long. Any no-long term plans were addressed, but Campbell pin-pointed the MET as "the greatest art museum in the world" and that he looks forward to following former director Philippe de Montebello's footsteps. The art world has a pretty gloom outlook for 2009. Chicago Field's Museum is cutting staff and GM announced less financial support for the arts in Detroit. One can appreciate Campbell's modest optimism for the MET. If MET truly is the greatest art museum in the world, then Campbell is expected to be a true leader for museums into the future.

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